Massflow measurement for dry bulk solids

MaxxFlow HTC

Contact-less and maintenance free measurement of high mass flow rates of dry bulk solids independent of pipe run

Electromagnetic flowmeter, designed
to measure bulk material flows from
up to 300 t/h.
The meter has no mechanical parts in
the flow, is 100 % dustproof and erosion free thanks to the ceramic inner pipe.

  • arbitrary mounting position
    (inclined/free fall)
  • low headroom required
  • easy to calibrate
Flow measurement up to 300 t/h
  • Most non-metallic solids can be measured
  • Can be installed on round pipes or ducts
  • No real upper limit of mass flow
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar
  • Dust tight
  • No flow restrictions to the process flow (wear resistant ceramic liner)
  • The mass flow measurement is independent of flow characteristics
  • Maximum temperature, 12O °C
  • Can be installed at an angle
  • Small footprint, 220 mm (DN 100), 290 mm (DN 150), 310 mm (DN 200)
  • No moving parts, hence no maintenance
    > For flow rates up to 300 t/h
    > Low installation height
    > Suitable in situations in which it was previously only possible to use complicated, inaccurate or expensive mechanical solutions (impact plates, measuring chutes)
    > Installation independently of direction of line (vertical, inclined), but always after mechanical conveyor elements, in various industries:

  • Cement
  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Coal plant
  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Lime plant
  • Gypsum
  • Mass-flow measurement of raw meal
  • Mass-flow measurement of potato starch in free fall prefiding chain conveyors
  • Mass-flow measurement of salt in free fall pre feeding chain conveyor
  • Mass-flow measurement of wood pellets in free fall
  • Flow mettering of grains

Application examples:

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Technical Specifications
Material to measure Dust, powders or granulates max grain size 30 mm
Working principle Electromagnetic
Process pressure 2 bar, optional 10 bar
Process temperature Up to +120°C
Mounting Flange build-in
Type of Conveying Gravity, also declining pipes
Flow rates Up to 300 t/h
Pipe diameter Up to 500 mm feeder outlet
ATEX rating Category 3, Cat. 1 applied
Output 4…20mA, Modbus, Profibus

    The MaxxFlow HTC is specially developed for the flow measurement of dry bulk solids during high-volume throughput. Due to its completely open profile and its low installation height, the MaxxFlow HTC is especially suitable in situation in which it was previously only possible to use complicated or expensive mechanical solutions, e. g. impact plates or measuring chutes.

    The installation of the MaxxFlow HTC takes place independently of the direction of the line (vertical/inclined), but always after mechanical conveyor elements,
    e. g. rotary feeder, screw conveyors, air slides or chain conveyors.

  • DustEx: II 3D Ex tD A21Zone 22: 0 °C _< Tprozess _< 80 °C/li>
  • FGasEx: II 3G Ex e IIC T4

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