Automatic Mercury Stack Gas Monitor


The SM-3 mercury analyzer measures continuously the elemental, bound and ionic mercury in stack fluegas

The operating principle of the SM-3 is based on a completely new technique: mercury compounds cracking and the reduction of ionic mercury contained in stack gas is performed applying the thermocatalytic method.

Wet chemical sample gas treatment using reagents and bubblers is avoided. Maintenance and servicing of the SM-3 are therefore extremely easy.

Exemple of use:
May also be used for mobile applications.

  • True continuous mercury measurement (not measuring cycle)
  • No wet-chemistry, no use of reagents
  • Maintenance-free solid state catalyst
  • Range 1 to 45; 0 to 75; 0 to 500 µg/m3 Hg (other ranges upon request)
  • Corrosion protected, rugged construction
  • Compact size, mobile operation possible
  • Detects elemental, ionic and bound mercury
  • Coal fired power plants
  • Municipal waste incinerators
  • sewage sludge incinerators
  • Hazardous waste incinerators
  • Cement production
  • Thermal soil resanitation plants
  • Wood combustors using recycled wood
  • Metal recycling furnaces
Technical Specifications
Signal outputs analogue: 4 – 20 mA (max. 500 Ω); serial: RS 232; Modbus (option)
Status output 3 x pairs of relay contacts (dry contacts)
Max. sample temperature 200 °C
Ambient temperature range allowed 5 – 40 °C
Sample line length 30 m
Power supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz (110 VAC / 60 Hz option)
El. Power consumption Analyzer: max. 100 VA; sample line: max. 150 VA / meter
Dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 55 x 160 x 70cm (mounted on stand)
Weight approx. 50 kg
Technical data
Measuring principle thermocatalytic reduction at stack, cold vapor atomic absorption (CVVAAS) at 253.7 nm
Measured component Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM)
UV-Source Electrodeless low pressure mercury lamp (EDL)
Stabilization method Reference beam method
Optical cell Fused silica (Suprasil), l: approx. 230mm, heated approx. 45°
Measuring ranges 0 – 50 µg/m3; 0 – 75 µg/m3; 0 – 500 µg/m3
Detection limit < 1 µg/m3
Response time T90 approx. 1 minute
Air supply oil-free compressed air, approx. 1.5 bar
  • Our products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality regulations.
  • CE approved