Gas monitors

Continuous measurement of specific gases (raw gas) at high concentrations are used in the optimization of processes, as for example in the flue gas treatment, and that required a fast response time to allow process regulation and reagent saving.
Control Emissions Earlier in the Process – With the changes to regulatory ELVs, the control of emissions within the exhaust stack is no longer enough to ensure compliance. Raw gas measurement presents the opportunity to manage the level of pollutants in the gas stream process by using abatement control more efficiently.
Lower the Cost of Reagents – Process emissions analysers provide you with the level of pollutants there are in the gas stream prior to abatement. It can, therefore, help control how much reagents are needed without the risk of overdosing (and overpaying).
Combustion Optimisation – Continuous monitoring of the flue gases on a boiler or burner makes economical sense. Poor combustion can produce corrosive CO compounds on the boiler wall and ash deposits in the boiler. Continuously measuring O2 and CO allows for immediate adjustment of the air injection and better control of feeders, which optimises the efficiency of the combustion process and cuts energy costs.

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