Portable Multi-Gas Analyzer NDIR-GFC

MIR 9000P

The MIR 9000P belongs to the new generation of ENVEA gas monitors, showcasing eco-design, IoT and on board intelligence.

It measures simultaneously 8 gases – NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, O2 and residual H2O – and uses the non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR-GFC) with gas filter correlation. O2 is measured by a built-in SRM paramagnetic sensor.

The analyzer has been designed to meet the specific needs of on-site regulatory measurement providing superior mobility, robustness, accuracy and compliance. All this makes up for a unique gas emission monitor offering high productivity and low operational cost.

Save time all along your stack emission testing process


  • Lightweight (15 kg/33 lbs), compact and extra resistant transport case
  • Standby mode guarantees the instrument is operational at any time

  • Extended operating temperature ranges
  • High protection (IP 44) against water splashing from any direction

  • Remote access to full operation thanks to ENVEA Connect™ App and proprietary WiFi
  • Smartphone alerts and notifications

  • Integrated user guidance and shortcuts to key functions: calibrations, span check, zero, etc.
  • Secured user management

  • Warm-up time: 30 min maximum
  • Robust gas connectors
  • Self-adaptive measuring scales
  • Compatible with most sampling systems on the market

  • Direct access to real-time and stored data ; time frame selection to generate graphs
  • All data can be saved on USB memory stick

  • Turn-up lid designed for quick access to operational modules and easy maintenance
  • Modular design and Plug & Play parts (O2 probe, NOx converter, protection filter, etc.)
  • 8 simultaneous parameters : NOx, SO2, CO, CO2,CH4 and N2O, O2 and residual H2O – All-in-one case design for easy transport/storage
  • Lightweight (15 kg, 33 lbs), compact and extra resistant transport case
  • Standby mode guarantees the instrument is operational at any time
  • Analyzer designed to operate case closed or open.
  • Remote access to full operation thanks to ENVEA Connect™ App and proprietary WiFi, smartphone alerts & notifications, IoT ready
  • Warm-up time : 30 min maximum. Compatible with most sampling systems on the market, fast gas connectors, self adapting gas scales
  • Secured multi-user management, shortcuts to key functions (zero, span check, calibration…)
  • Front side indicator provides key status info to the user
  • Redundant and secured data back-up
  • Easy and reduced maintenance : modular design and Plug & Play parts, turn-up lid designed for quick access to operational elements
  • Regulatory and periodic stack emission monitoring for industrial combustion sites, boilers, etc.
Measuring Ranges
NOx as NO
(after NOx converter)
0/70*/2000*/3300 mg/Nm3
0-50/1500/2500 ppm
NOx as NO2
(after NOx converter)
0/107*/3100*/5000 mg/Nm3
0/50*/1500*/2500 ppm
SO2 0/143*/2000*/8600 mg/Nm3
0/50*/700*/3000 ppm
CO 0/70*/3000*/8000 mg/Nm3
0/60*/2500*/6500 ppm
CO2 0-20/30% vol.
N2O 0/50/150*/450*/980 mg/Nm3
0/25/75*/225*/500 ppm
CH4 0/70/140/400/5000 ppm
0/50/100/300/3600 mg/Nm3
O2 0-10/25% vol.
measured by a built-in paramagnetic sensor
Residual H2O 0-2% vol.

*certified range

Technical Specifications
QAL1 to EN 15267-4 certified YES
US EPA compliance YES
Sampling technology Cold/Dry Extraction (gas cooler)
Sample transfert non heated polytube / heated sampling line
back flush function N/A
span injection YES
Built-In O2 sensor YES
Built-In NOx oven YES
Serial link communication 3 x USB ports type A: 2.0 (compatible 3.0)
1 x RJ45 (MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU (dongle) UDP Protocol)
Other Communication WiFi (via USB)
INPUTS/OUTPUTS module 8 non-isolated analog outputs (0-1 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, or 4-20 mA), with common ground and user programmable scales
8 non-isolated analog inputs 0-2.5 V
8 isolated digital inputs
12 digital outputs by potential free relay
Optional cable for analog INPUTS Dynamic 250 mV or 10V (only one input can be used at once)
Dimensions (mm) 641 x 209 x 393mm (WxDxH)

  • QAL1 certification by the TÜV according to EN 15267-1, EN 15267-2 and EN 15267-4. Download the TÜV certificate: 0000074636
  • Compliant with EN 15267-4
    Air quality – Certification of automated measuring systems – Part 4: Performance criteria and test procedures for automated measuring systems for periodic measurements of emissions from stationary sources
  • Compliant with US EPA

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