SO₂ UV absorption Analyzer


UV absorption allows the MIR 9000ASD to offer optimized SO2 measurements for emission or process applications.

With the incorporation of recent optical and electronic technologies, the analyzer offers many advantages while requiring only limited maintenance.

NEW generation
  • Superior metrological performances for the  measurement of SO2
  • Built-in cell for O2 monitoring (optional)
  • Environmental-friendly and cost-saving analyzer, with ultra low power consumption
  • Ultra-small and lightweight : 3U, 19’’ Rack
  • Highly accurate, excellent stability with automatic optical stability check
  • Compatible with any type of drying technology (gas cooler, permeation, dilution…)
  • Breakthrough mechanical design for weight and power saving as well as thermal insulation & reliability
  • Proactive, user-friendly remote communication
  • Smart analyzer including AMS control functionnalities: integrated sampling control, automatic zero and span gas injection, external pump control, system alarms display…
  • Highly accurate, excellent stability, economical, easy and reduced maintenance
  • Municipal and Hazardous Waste Incinerators
  • Industrial Boilers and Furnaces
  • Power & Combustion
  • Cement Kilns, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
  • FGD process monitoring
Technical Specifications
Measurement range 0-100 / 0-1000 ppm
Noise (σ) 0.1 ppm (response time : 80 sec)
Minimum detectable limit (2σ) 0.2 ppm (response time : 80 sec)
Response time (0-90 %) 40 – 90 sec (programmable)
Zero drift < 0,2 ppm / 24 h
Weight 9 kg (19.9 lbs)
Linearity ± 2 %
Sample flow-rate Approximately 60 liter/hour
Temperature & pressure influence Automatic temperature/pressure compensation
Display TFT LCD color screen, resolution : 800 (RGB) x 480, size : 7 inches
Control Touch screen
Output signals (option) 4 analog outputs (0-1 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA)
Power supply 100~250Vac, 50/60Hz + ground
Consumption 50 W
Working temperature 0 °C to 35 °C
Memory storage of measurement values Capacity : 1 year based on 15-min intervals
Alarms checks Detection and identification of anomalies in continuous: temperature, flow rate, electric parameters, out of gas programmable measurement threshold.
Tests and diagnostics of maintenance Direct selection with the touch screen and/or remote selection on the embedded Web server
Ethernet output RJ45 socket, UDP protocol
USB port Type A USB socket: 2.0 (3.0 compliant)
Zero/span external SV control Contact connector with screw terminals
Dimensions (DxWxH) 490x483x177 mm

Complete systems would comprise of:

  • Sample lines
  • Automatic calibration units
  • Instrument air drying system
  • Data acquisition & management system
  • Sample extraction and conditioning probe

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