MCERTS Approved Back Scatter Particulate CEM

QAL 260

MCERTS QAL1 approved, stand alone or multi-sensor Particulate CEM providing high quality emission measurement for low dust concentrations from dry industrial processes

  • ProScatter™ Backscatter sensor technology with superior minimum detection <1mg/m3
  • Certified to 15 mg/m3 for processes with low typical emission limits
  • Manual and remote Zero and Span (reference) checks available to ensure optimal instrument performance and to comply with EN 13284/QAL1
  • Automatic Functionality Check – fully interrogates the optical system
  • Purge Flow Fail Sensor option with inbuilt automatic optical shield activation
  • Flue Gas Blocker option to protect Plant Engineers from harmful flue gases during maintenance
  • Stacks after bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, no filtration
  • Non-condensing / dry flue gases
    Typical Applications:

  • Incineration
  • Metals (eg Steel/Aluminium)
  • Minerals (eg Cement/Gypsum)
  • Chemicals (eg TiO2 / Coating Powder)
  • Power Generation Plant (eg Coal/Biomass)
Technical Specifications
Measured parameters Dust
Technology ProScatter™ Backscatter
Measurement/Monitoring capability <0 – 500 mg/m3*
Stack/Duct diameter suitability up to 10m
Flue gas temperature up to 400°C
Baghouse YES
Cartridge Filter YES
Ceramic Filter /
Coalescent Filter /
Cyclone YES
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) YES
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) /
Wet Scrubber /
Sensor variants Stainless Steel
QA checks YES
*Application dependant
Technical data
Measurement capability <0 – 500 mg/m3
Sensor Variants 316 Stainless Steel
Stack Temperature Ranges -20°C – 250°C up to 400°C option
Functionality and QA Checks Automatic zero and span
Data Output RS485 (Modbus) output to Controller
Air Purge option
Enclosure Protection Rating IP65
  • MCERTs certified to EN15267-3
  • QAL1 as defined by EN14181
  • QAL3 compliance to EN14181