CEM 2022 – Conference on Emissions Monitoring – Mar 2-4, 2022
February 24, 2022
The 14th CEM conference and exhibition on Emissions Monitoring will take place as a virtual event. For the Virtual event there will be No delegate fees which will open up more opportunities for interested attendees to participate and join the event.


Dust measurement at low concentrations, Emission regulation and future monitoring challenges, Fence line monitoring & measurement of fugitive/diffuse emissions, Gaseous species at low concentrations (HCl, HF, NH3, SO3, CH4, N2O, CHOH, TOC…), Green House Gases, Hydrogen in flue gas, Innovative Measurement Technology, Industrial Case Studies (Power industry, Cement industry, Metal industry, Chemical Industry, Glass industry, Minerals and Mining, Waste Management and Incineration), Mercury and Trace Metals, Standards and Quality (Including Measurement Uncertainty and Limits of Detection)

ENVEA is a world class manufacturer of ambient, emission and process monitoring systems, with full turnkey capabilities. ENVEA will be showcasing at CEM 2022 our latest products for new BREF compliance, including the new SM-5 mercury CEMS, Amesa-B for biogenic CO2 measurement, MIR 9000P portable multi-gas analyzer and MIR 9000e multi-gas analyzer.

The topics that will be covered by conference speakers from ENVEA are the new Medium Combustion Plant Directive, environmental and process control in energy from waste, continuous mercury emission monitoring and continuous monitoring of biogenic CO2 emissions.

ENVEA will have a team of specialists on hand during the conference to meet with you and guide you towards solutions for regulatory compliance, process optimization and reducing environmental impact.


Day 1 – Wednesday 2nd of March

  • 12:20 The new MCP Directive and recommendations for suitable gas monitoring solutions – Jerome Laplagne,
  • 14:05 Continuous Mercury Emission Monitoring with Long-term Sampling on Sorption Traps – Experiences at flue gas temperatures of 200°C – Juergen Reinmann

Day 3 – Friday 4th of March

  • 10:05 Continuous monitoring of biogenic CO2 emissions – A tool for the determination of the portion of green energy – Juergen Reinmann
  • 13:45 Total Environmental and Process Control in Energy from Waste: Case Study – Ryan Goater