Continuous monitoring of Biogenic CO₂ emissions


Biogenic or carbon-neutral stack CO2 gas can be deductible from any company’s greenhouse gas inventory which is required for reporting under various regulations.

      • The Amesa-B uses a CO


    • sampling method on an adsorber cartridge filled with Ascarite or soda lime, to determine the biogenic fraction of CO


  • Sampling period between several hours and 1 month
  • Allows to determine the ratio of biogenic and fossil-derived CO2 by C14 dating measurement
  • Applicable to waste-to-energy, electricity generation, coal co-firing, steel, cement and lime processes to quantify their biogenic CO2 emissions as CO2 neutral, for regulatory compliance:
  • Cost savings for operator
  • CO2 emission trading
  • Helps governments demonstrate green energy policy

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