ENVEA is a world expert in environmental data processing and analysis. Its digital solutions can be used to manage air quality or industrial emission monitoring networks. Our digital solutions are also available in the cloud.

The software – XR® for ambient air, WEX™ for industrial emissions and XR® Energy for combustion units – ensures the management of data on gaseous emissions, liquid effluents, meteorological parameters, the monitoring of AMS, the validation and secure broadcast of data in the form of regulatory reports.

The ENVEA teams provide full support to the users.

Support ENVEA logiciel / DAHS

Our offer

  • ENVEA software update:
    • On request (subject to quotation)
    • Under annual contract
  • Remote support and technical assistance: system audit, troubleshooting
  • Working days in France: on request (subject to quotation) or included in an annual contract
  • User club (for customers under contract)
  • Webinars / tutorials
  • Customised remote or on-site training
    • Report creation and editing,
    • Automatic data validation,
    • Measurement campaigns,
    • setup a data acquisition and processing system.

Your benefits

  • Customised, expert remote assistance.
  • A monitoring system that is always up to date with ENVEA software.
  • Regulatory compliance: industrial emissions (EN 14181, EN 17255) – ambient air (2008/50/EC, ISO 7168).

Our resources

A dedicated remote support team working directly with the software development team.

Support ENVEA logiciel / DAHS