Data Acquisition & regulatory reporting


MCERTs certified software for emission data acquisition, processing and regulatory reporting

Data acquisition is vital to the functionality of a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS). As well as providing real time reports and data handling, the purpose of data acquisition and reporting software is
to provide adherence to legislative compliance. It also ensures that the CEMS equipment is running at its
fullest capabilities, eliminating the risk of excess emissions.

WEX™ collects and processes environmental data for display, management and reporting purposes and has been designed to meet the requirements of EN14181 and MCERTs certified Environmental Data Management Software requirements for Environmental and Continuous Emissions Monitoring reporting systems.
  • Acquisition from all devices with all types of parameters
  • Data sources: emission, imission, meteorological, water and process
  • Remote Configuration and Control of measuring devices (data acquisition systems, analyzers, communication systems)
  • Real-time monitoring of parameters, overruns & calculated means. Emission Limit Value (ELV) exceedance detection included, as well as trend monitoring for early warning alerts. Management of various ELVs.
  • Data Quality control: validation and availability
  • Warnings (failures, over threshold, etc.)
  • Data processing with a set of tools for data storage, reports, and broadcasting
  • On-line information for the relevant authorities
  • Control charts, (QAL 3 / Daily check calibration)
The powerful multi-users WEX™ system is compatible with the main measuring instruments available on the market and is in full compliance with international and national standards.
The WEX system is made to be highly reliable and to sustain your activity in the same way.
Adjustable to any plant size and managing various data sources: emission, imission, meteorological, water & process, WEX™ is designed to be highly reliable and suitable for your regulatory compliance.
  • Interactive configuration for system setting (analysers, measures, users profiles, sampling lines, …)
  • Communication management between system and sensors, external systems, DCS
  • Raw data acquisition (programmable frequency), first level and short term averages
  • Redundancy management to supply sampling or analysers failures, multiplexed analysers
  • Data standardization and storage of all intermediate values, QAL2 and QAL3 corrections
  • Logging all events, calibration results, configuration changes, alarms, failures, over-thresholds, …
  • Automatic warning by email, fax, SMS, voice, etc
The WEX DAHS suit is an MCERTs certified Environmental Data Management Software requirements for Environmental and Continuous Emissions Monitoring reporting systems.

    Offers compliance with international guidelines and standards:

  • EN 14181 (QAL 1, QAL 2, QAL 3)
  • Industrial Emission Directive (IED) n° 2010/75/EU
  • Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) n° 2001/80/EC
  • Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCP)
  • Waste Incineration Directive (WID) n° 2000/76/CE
  • BREF Incineration
  • ISO 8258 (Shewart)
  • NFX06-031-3 (EWMA)
  • NFX06-031-4 (CUSUM)
  • US EPA

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