Single use tubes for measuring the concentration of over 500 specific gases and vapours

GASTEC Detector Tubes

Gastec detector tubes are single gas, single use tubes for measuring the concentration of over 500 specific gases and vapours in hazardous & toxic environments quickly and easily.

Who Uses Detector Tubes ?

Detector tubes are used by industrial hygienists, health & safety and environmental health officers to analyse workplace hazards and perform COSHH assessments. Laboratory technicians and chemical engineers use detector tubes to monitor for gas leaks or the handling of hazardous gases.

How Do They Work ?

The Gastec detector tube is a glass tube filled with a reagent that changes colour when it reacts with the target gas. The length of the colour stain is then correlated with the concentration of the gas measurement.

  • As an intrinsically safe method of gas detection, detector tubes can be deployed in all applications
  • Compared to some electronic gas detectors, detector tubes can be more affordable for occasional or intermittent use.
  • No ongoing maintenance – no calibration required, no charging/power needed
  • Ability to measure individual volatile organic compounds at a much lower cost compared to gas detectors
  1.  What gases can be detected using detector tubes?
    Detector tubes are available for various gases, including but not limited to carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and numerous other toxic, combustible, or hazardous gases.
  2. Can a correction factor improve the accuracy of the reading?
    The detector tube correction factor accounts for any interferences in the measurement caused by factors such as temperature, pressure, humidity, or the presence of other gases. Each tube datasheet provides the correction factor which is used to adjust the tube reading to the actual concentration of the gas in the air.
  3. How long does it take to get results using gas detector tubes?
    Typically, results can be obtained within a few minutes after sampling air through the detector tube.
  4. How many tubes per pack?
    99% of the packs contain 10 single use tubes. Once used, they cannot be reset or reused.
Safety datasheets are available to download here: