All-in-one Portable real-time Hg monitor

Mercury Tracker-3000 XS

Very small, ultra-light, with on-board GPS, data logger, battery pack and color TFT display for very comfortable and easy mercury monitoring in ambient air and other gases

Portable mercury monitoring and detection is made easy with the Mercury Tracker 3000 XS. Lightweight, rugged construction and compact, the instrument is perfect for indoor and outdoor screening of mercury concentration in ambient air and detecting mercury spills.

The user controls the Mercury Tracker-3000 XS by menu-guided inputs on a waterproof membrane keypad and a 5.7″ TFT graphic display with LED backlight. After switching on the mercury tracker monitor, the light source is stabilized (approx. 1 – 5 minutes) and the baseline is automatically adjusted by the auto zero function. Measurement will start automatically, and will display continuously the mercury concentration in the air as a numerical value and a graphic bar.

  • Real time mercury measurement
  • High precision measuring technology: “Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry” (CVAAS) , which is extremely sensitive for mercury determination and is widely used for many years
  • Easy to operate, capable of measuring trace mercury levels
  • Sturdy and noncorrosive ABS case, chock proof and corrosion resistant for rugged field operation
  • Bag pack included, with comfortable shoulder strap, dirt repellent with padded top for transport and savekeeping
  • Operates at least five hours on fully charged Eneloop battery pack (aditional quick swap Eneloop battery packs optional)
  • Measuring ranges 0.1-100 / 0-1000 / 0-2000 µg/m3
  • High resolution 0.0001 mg/m3
  • Data logger (with GPS) integrated (4GB capacity)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Mercury spills screening
  • Safety at work
  • Hazardous waste inspection
  • Investigation of contaminated sites
  • Investigation of mercury contamination in air
  • Measurement of mercury in scientific research
  • Exhaust gas survey
Technical Specifications
Measuring principle cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAAS) at 253.7 nm
UV-Source Electrodeless low pressure mercury lamp (EDL)
Stabilization method Reference beam method
Optical cell Fused silica (Suprasil), l: approx. 170mm
Sensitivity 0,1 μg/m3
Response time approx. 1 sec, real time measurement
Measuring ranges 0.1 to 100 µg / m3; 0 to 1000 µg / m3; 0 to 2000 µg / m3
Computation of mean values Autom. via three freely selectable time intervals
Data logger with GPS capacity = 4 GB
Technical data
Signal outputs USB / Bluetooth (software for data transfer included – EXCEL or ASCII format)
Status alarms Measuring cell polluted; battery state; UV-Lamp exhausted
Internal power supply rechargeable 12 V Eneloop batteries with min. capacity of 7 hours and minimized self-discharge, quick swap battery packs as option
External power supply 110 – 230 VAC/50 – 60 Hz; with mains adapter; external 12 VDC sources, (Cigarette lighter adapter optional)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 29 x 14 x 17 cm
Weight approx. 2.6 kg (with battery pack)
  • Our products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality regulations.
  • CE approved