Miniature solution for real-time continuous O₃ + NO₂ monitoring

Cairsens® O₃ + NO₂

The Cairsens© sensor allows specific pollutant measurement comparable to reference methods. The high quality sensors are renowned worldwide by our customers looking for the newest technologies in air quality monitoring.

Excellent measurement accuracy is achieved by limiting the effect of humidity interference by using a specific and patented inlet filter combined with dynamic sampling.

O3 + NO2 micro-sensor
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  • O3 + NO2 real-time monitoring
  • Very high sensitivity to capture low level gas concentrations (down to ppb)
  • Accurate measurement data at a fraction of the cost of Reference Analyzers
  • No maintenance required during the Cairsens®’s lifetime
  • No need for re-calibration during 12 months
  • Embedded USB and UART / ModBus communication ports
  • Up to 20 days of 1-minute data storage capacity
  • Ultra-small, with close to zero power consumption
  • Ready to use and easy to integrate
  • Measurements meet European directive 2008/50/EC for indicators
Cairsens® are manufactured in France and calibrated in our metrological laboratory using Standard Reference AQMS monitors. Every sensor shipped includes a calibration certificate.
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring: smart cities, road-side & tunnels, schools, airports, ship terminals…
  • Odor monitoring: WWTP, recycling, pulp and paper manufacturing, sewage treatment facilities, refineries
  • Leak detection and monitoring of fugitive emissions: quarries, storage facilities, mines, manufacturing plants
  • Providing data for air dispersion modelling
  • Health and safety: mines, industrial sites, construction
  • Forecasting of industrial fence line emission

Application examples:

Technical Specifications
Measured Parameter O3* + NO2
Article code A40-0406
Measuring Range (ppm) 0 – 0.25
Certified* Detection Limit (ppm) 0.02
Resolution (ppm) 0.001
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to 40
Operating Relative Humidity (% HR) 10 to 90 (non-condensing)
Sensor Type Electrochemical
Metrological performances according to the European Directive 2008/50/EC are guaranteed for 12 months
*This Cairsens® measures the combination of {O3 + NO2}. To obtain O3 alone, it is necessary to use two Cairsens® sensors:
Cairsens® O3 + NO2 and Cairsens® NO2.
Storage conditions
Temperature (°C) +5 to +20
Relative Humidity (% HR) > 15 (non-condensing)
Duration of Storage (Max) 3 months
Technical specifications
Sampling method Dynamic air sampling, with a controlled micro-fan
Power supply 5VDC / 500mA, USB port of a PC or Power bank type «Always on» (not provided)
Power consumption 20 mA max under 5 VDC
I/O communications USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL. Modbus RS445 on request (article code A40-0219)
Lifetime duration 24 months
LCD Display Concentration in ppb or ppm, operating status, memory available…
Control & data treatment Internal microprocessor for data acquisition and treatment, embedded timer
Data Storage (internal) 20 days for 1 min data, 303 days for 15 min data or 1212 days for 60 min data
Download data mode – Cairsoft (free download)
e-SAM DAHS system or Customized integration
Cairnet® Mini-stations with data exported in the Caircloud®
Weight 55 g


Cairsens® are manufactured in France and calibrated in our metrological laboratory using Standard Reference AQMS monitors. Every sensor shipped includes a calibration certificate.


Compliance to environmental regulations
Electrical safety NF EN 61010-1: 2010
Electromagnetic Compatibility NF EN 61326-1: 2013
Protection Index IP 42 (according to IEC 60529)
European directive 2008/50/EC

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