Data acquisition and management system


Data acquisition and management module (logger & router) handling all parameters: gas analyzers, dust monitors, meteorological and temperature sensors…

The e-SAM DAHS ensures remote, bi-directional access and control of analyzers and the EMS via a WEB based interface. Furthermore, these data can be automatically and wireless transmitted to a central server, equipped with the XR® software suite, able to handle networkly thousands of AQMS stations in a town, city or region.

  • Data acquisition from any type of environmental monitoring systems: analysers, sensors, meteo, samplers…
  • Includes data retrieval, data storrage, visualisation, supervision
  • Automatic prevalidation of the data
  • Automatic calibration and instrument control
  • Included Web based dashboard software
  • Remote access to the DAS via internet and a WEB based interface
  • Data storage in a local database
  • MQTT service secured IoT communication protocol
  • Windows or Linux
  • Air quality monitoring stations: fixed or mobile
    The eSAM data acquisition module is available on:
    Rack 19”, 3U Frame

  • Standard configuration: 6 serials ports, 2 Ethernet ports, 6 USB ports
  • Option: additionnal I/O, 6 or 8 analog input, 6 DI + 6 relay, 8 additional RS 232
  • Desktop Computer

  • Standard configuration: 8 RS 232, 1 Ethernet
  • Option: additionnal I/O, 6 or 8 analog input, 6 DI + 6 relay, 8 additional RS 232
  • Fanless industrial chassis

  • Linux OS
  • Standard configuration: 4 Serial ports (3 RS232, 1 RS232/485), 2 Ethernet ports, 4 USB Ports
  • Option: additionnal I/O, 6 or 8 analog input, 6 DI + 6 relay, 8 additional RS 232
    Data Acquisition

  • Acquisition of instantaneous measurements at a configurable frequency ranging from 5 seconds to 24 hours
  • Management of the metrological context: analysers’ parameters and internal failures, technical measurements, external signals (door opened, flow, etc.)
  • Controls of lower and higher validity limits, sensitivity threshold, immobility, slope and follow-up of peak episodes
  • Automatic Validation

  • Automatic validation of the data with the XR software
  • Association of a quality code with each value
  • Evaluation of quality indicators for each data value: min, max, standard deviation, number
    of over-thresholds, availability ratio
  • Prevalidation of the data according of the metrological context
  • Calibration

  • Automatic management of calibration sessions: 5 span points
  • Ability to adapt the linearization parameters according to calibration results
  • Control of absolute, relative drifts, drifts between span points, standard deviation drifts
  • Storage of all the information related to the calibration

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