Miniature solution for real-time continuous CO monitoring

Cairsens® CO

The Cairsens© sensor allows specific pollutant measurement comparable to reference methods. The high quality sensors are renowned worldwide by our customers looking for the newest technologies in air quality monitoring.

Excellent measurement accuracy is achieved by limiting the effect of humidity interference by using a specific and patented inlet filter combined with dynamic sampling.

CO micro-sensor
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  • CO real-time monitoring
  • Very high sensitivity to capture low level gas concentrations (down to ppb)
  • Accurate measurement data at a fraction of the cost of Reference Analyzers
  • No maintenance required during the Cairsens®’s lifetime
  • No need for re-calibration during 12 months
  • Embedded USB and UART / ModBus communication ports
  • Up to 20 days of 1-minute data storage capacity
  • Ultra-small, with close to zero power consumption
  • Ready to use and easy to integrate
  • Measurements meet European directive 2008/50/EC for indicators
Cairsens® are manufactured in France and calibrated in our metrological laboratory using Standard Reference AQMS monitors. Every sensor shipped includes a calibration certificate.
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring: smart cities, road-side & tunnels, schools, airports, ship terminals…
  • Odor monitoring: WWTP, recycling, pulp and paper manufacturing, sewage treatment facilities, refineries
  • Leak detection and monitoring of fugitive emissions: quarries, storage facilities, mines, manufacturing plants
  • Providing data for air dispersion modelling
  • Health and safety: mines, industrial sites, construction
  • Forecasting of industrial fence line emission

Application examples:

Technical Specifications
Measured Parameter CO
Article code A40-0404
Measuring Range (ppm) 0 – 20
Certified* Detection Limit (ppm) 0.05
Resolution (ppm) 0.001
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to +50
Operating Relative Humidity (% HR) 10 to 90 (non-condensing)
Sensor Type Electrochemical
Metrological performances according to the European Directive 2008/50/EC are guaranteed for 12 months


Storage conditions
Temperature (°C) +5 to +20
Relative Humidity (% HR) > 15 (non-condensing)
Duration of Storage (Max) 3 months
Technical specifications
Sampling method Dynamic air sampling, with a controlled micro-fan
Power supply 5VDC / 500mA, USB port of a PC or Power bank type «Always on» (not provided)
Power consumption 20 mA max under 5 VDC
I/O communications USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL. Modbus RS485 on request (article code A40-0219)
Lifetime duration 24 months
LCD Display Concentration in ppb or ppm, operating status, memory available…
Control & data treatment Internal microprocessor for data acquisition and treatment, embedded timer
Data Storage (internal) 20 days for 1 min data, 303 days for 15 min data or 1212 days for 60 min data
Download data mode – Cairsoft (free download) – e-SAM DAHS system or Customized integration – Cairnet® Mini-stations with data exported in the Caircloud®
Weight 55 g
Spécifications technique
Méthode de prise d’échantillon Dynamique. Flux d’air contrôlé par micro-ventilateur
Alimentation électrique 5VDC / 500mA, port USB d’un PC ou d’une batterie externe type «Always on» (non fourni)
Consommation électrique 20 mA max sous 5 VDC
Communications E/S USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL. Sortie Modbus RS485 sur demande (code article A40-0219)
Affichage LCD Concentration en ppb ou ppm, status de fonctionnement, mémoire disponible…
Durée de vie 24 mois
Contrôle & traitement des données Micro-processeur interne pour acquisition et traitement de données, horloge incorporée
Stockage des données (interne) 20 jours pour données 1 min, 303 jours pour données 15 min ou 1212 jours pour données 60 min
Mode de téléchargement des données Cairsoft® (disponible en téléchargement libre sur notre site internet) – Système d’acquisition des données e-SAMMini station Cairnet® (données exportées sur Caircloud®)
Poids 55 g
System Spezifikation
Gasentnahme Luftprobenahme mit einem gesteuerten Mikroventilator
Spannungsversorgung 5V DC / 500 mA, USB-Schnittstelle am PC oder Power Bank Typ «Always on» (nicht enthalten)
Leistungsaufnahme 20 mA max. unter 5V DC
I/O Kommunikation USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL, Modbus RS485 auf Anfrage (Artikelnummer A40-0219)
Lebensdauer 24 Monate
LCD Display Konzentration in ppb oder ppm, Betriebszustand, verfügbarer Speicher, …
Kontroll- und Datenverarbeitung Interner Mikroprozessor zur Datenerfassung und -verarbeitung, eingebetteter Timer
Datenspeicherung 20 Tage für 1-minütige Daten, 303 Tage für 15-minütige Daten oder 1212 Tage für 60-minütige Daten
Datendownload – Cairsoft (free download) – e-SAM DAHS System oder kundenspezifische Integration – Cairnet® Mini-Station mit Datenexport in Caircloud®
Gewicht 55 g
Specifiche di sistema
Alimentazione 5V DC / 500 mA, porta USB di un PC o Power Bank (non fornito)
Metodo di campionamento dei gas Aria campionata con una micro-ventola controllata
Login I/O e comunicazioni USB, UART e Modbus
LCD Display visualizzazione delle concentrazioni in ppb o ppm, durata del sensore, stato di funzionamento, memoria disponibile, …
Scheda di controllo: Microprocessore interno per l’acquisizione ed il trattamento dei dati, timer incorporato
Memorizzazione dei dati 20 giorni con acquisizione dati a 1 minuto, 30 giorni con acquisizione dati a 15 minuti o 120 giorni con acquisizione dati a 60 minuti
Modalità di download dei dati Cairsoft (Software gratuito), acquisizione dati eSAM
Método de amostragem Amostragem dinâmica de ar, com um micro ventilador controlado
Alimentação 5VDC / 500mA, porta USB de um PC ou Power bank tipo «Sempre ligado» (não fornecido)
Potencia 20 mA máx. abaixo de 5 VDC
Interface USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL. Versão opcional com Modbus RS485 (código A40-0219)
Período de duração 24 meses
Tela LCD Concentração em ppb ou ppm, estado de funcionamento, memória disponível…
Processamento de dados Microprocessador interno para aquisição e tratamento de dados, temporizador embarcado
Armazenamento de dados 20 dias para dados de 1 minuto, 303 dias para dados de 15 minutos ou 1212 dias para dados de 60 minutos
Método de download – Cairsoft (download gratuito)

– Sistema e-SAM DAHS ou integração personalizada

– Miniestações Cairnet® com dados exportados no Caircloud®

Peso 55 g
Метод отбора проб Динамический отбор проб воздуха, с помощью управляемого микровентилятора Питание 5 В постоянного тока / 500 мА, USB-порт ПК или Power bank типа “Always on” (не поставляется)
Источник питания 20 мА макс. при 5 В постоянного тока Коммуникации ввода/вывода USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL. Modbus RS485 по запросу (артикул A40-0219).
Срок службы 24 месяца
ЖК-дисплей Концентрация в ppb или ppm, рабочее состояние, доступная память…
Управление и обработка данных Внутренний микропроцессор для сбора и обработки данных, встроенный таймер
Хранение данных (внутреннее) 20 дней для 1 мин данных, 303 дня для 15 мин данных или 1212 дней для 60 мин данных
Режим загрузки данных – Cairsoft (бесплатная загрузка) – Система e-SAM DAHS или индивидуальная интеграция – Мини-станции Cairnet® с экспортом данных в Caircloud®
Вес 55 г
Método de muestreo Muestreo dinámico del aire, con un microventilador controlado
Fuente de alimentación 5V DC / 500 mA, puerto USB de un PC o una fuente de alimentación (no suministrado)
Consumo de energía 20 mA máx. bajo 5 VDC
Inicio de sesión y comunicaciones de E/S. USB, UART, Modbus RTU-TTL. Modbus RS485 a petición (código de artículo A40-0219)
Duración de la vida 24 meses
Pantalla LCD Concentración en partes por mil millones o ppm, duración del sensor, estado de funcionamiento, memoria disponible, …
Placa de control y tratamiento de datos Microprocesador interno para adquisición y tratamiento de datos, temporizador integrado
Almacenamiento de datos 20 días para datos de 1 minutos, 303 días para datos de 15 minutos o 1.212 días para datos de 60 minutos
Modo de descarga de datos – Cairsoft (descarga gratuita) – e-SAM Sistema DAHS o integración personalizada – Cairnet® Miniestaciones con datos exportados en el Caircloud®
Peso 55 g

Cairsens® are manufactured in France and calibrated in our metrological laboratory using Standard Reference AQMS monitors. Every sensor shipped includes a calibration certificate.


Compliance to environmental regulations
Electrical safety NF EN 61010-1: 2010
Electromagnetic Compatibility NF EN 61326-1: 2013
Protection Index IP 42 (according to IEC 60529)
European directive 2008/50/EC

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