World premiere: ENVEA air quality monitors get the US-EPA approval for installation and use with the optional solar panel system
June 23, 2022
As a forerunner in its field, ENVEA is the first manufacturer on the market to offer its complete range of e-Series air quality monitors also with 24V power supply. Eco-designed, ultra-compact and QAL 1 certified, these gas and particle analyzers have a very low energy consumption. They are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 45-50°C without air conditioning and without connection to the electrical network.
On June 15th, the US-EPA has formally announced the approval as Designated Reference and Equivalent Methods of 6 ENVEA air pollution analyzers, respectively the models AF22e, AC32e, CO12e, O342e, MP101M (PM 10), and MP101M (PM 2.5) operating from a 115V/ 60Hz, 230V/50Hz or 24VDC power source, with or without solar panel option installed.
These unique features make them particularly suitable for integration in compact and ultracompact fixed or mobile air quality monitoring stations powered by a battery and/or solar panels. The measurement data and operating parameters of the station can be automatically transmitted to the XR® Cloud services for global monitoring and reporting of criteria air pollutants.

This innovation will revolutionize the air quality measurement in isolated sites and across the developing world struggling with the reliability of their energy supply, as well as the forward-thinking ‘smart cities’ looking to re-define their energy mix and supporting renewables on the grid.

Low Energy Consumption
The e-Series power consumption is 80% less than other analyzers’ on the market.
24V Power Supply
ENVEA’s eco-designed AQMS certified monitors benefit from a unique feature: operate with a 24 Volts power supply!
Enhanced temperature range
Monitors able to withstand high temperatures without air conditioning and connection to the power grid.
Robust, sturdy and accurate
Robustness of products and mechanical resistance to impact. ENVEA analyzers can operate in a long-time period without any failure.

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