Reducing air pollution is a major challenge worldwide. ENVEA’s pioneering technologies help private, public and local authorities meet their air quality challenges and objectives. Over the decades, our engineers have been innovating, inventing, and modernizing tomorrow’s AQMS solutions to be in line with environmental standards and climate change challenges. Whether it’s for a single monitoring location, or a city or nation-sized air pollution monitoring network of reference multiparameter stations, Micro-Sensors’ technology with DAHS, and centralized pollution reporting data, ENVEA is your port of call.
More than 40 years of experience
in the field of Air Quality monitoring
Our monitoring solutions are European QAL 1 certified and in compliance with the latest international regulations and standards. They are approved and certified by various laboratories and organizations around the world such as:
TÜV Rheinland
(South Korea)
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
e-Series analyzers can be 24V power supplied and able to withstand temperatures up to 45-50°C without air conditioning and connection to the power grid.

This new and unique feature opens the way to new approaches in the air pollution monitoring techniques, with the benefit of important energy savings. Outstandingly, a full reference pollution monitoring station including ENVEA’s e-Series analyzers require only 300W·h where stations equipped with other monitors on the market require over 1300W·h. And this, for 24/7 measurement of the 5 criteria pollutants: O3, NO2, SO2, CO and PM10 / PM2.5 fine particulates.

With the ENVEA’s new low voltage analyzers, public and private authorities can measure the air quality even in isolated places with limited or unexistant power grid, and power the monitors with green energy (solar panels, wind turbine, batteries, etc.). Moreover, the analyzers are designed to be highly resistant to extreme conditions and are proved to operate at 100% of their capacity with a surrounding ambient temperature without air conditioning.
Smart, Connected Instruments
ENVEA’s e-Series analyzers integrate an embedded web server for the easiest remote access to full operation of the analyzer from any PC, tablet or Smart-phone using iOS/Android.
Service Assistant Inside
Engineered with breakthrough technologies, e-Series analyzers integrate a high level of self-operation and self diagnostics. They even guide the service and maintenance.
Operational Cost Reduction
e-Series analyzers share similar design and electronic boards for optimized spare parts stock. Power consumption is 80% less as compared to other analyzers on the market.
24V Power Supply
e-Series are able to withstand temperatures up to 45-50°C without air conditioning and connection to the power grid.
Low Energy Consumption
The e-Series power consumption is 80% less than other analyzers’ on the market.
Enhanced temperature range
Monitors able to withstand high temperatures without air conditioning and connection to the power grid.
Robust, sturdy and accurate
Robustness of products and mechanical resistance to impact. ENVEA analyzers can operate in a long-time period without any failure.
The unique range of ENVEA AQMS analyzers powered by 24 Volts and with a such low energy consumption, offer unlimited integration possibilities. 100% autonomous monitoring stations operating only with the use of green, renewable energy, to the benefit of our planet. It becomes possible to implement analyzers in areas without power grid where an operator oversees the battery recharging when necessary.

All of these integration examples allow our analyzers to adapt to your environment and your field constraints.
Fixed AAQMS reference stations, solar powered
Mobile AAQMS solutions: compact, ultra-compact
We design, assemble, calibrate and operate complete integrated systems, mobile and fixed AQMS stations for simultaneous and continuous measuring of multiple pollutants (gases and particulates). We operate on a worldwide basis with hundreds of active real-time environmental monitoring sites. Our worldwide references guarantee that ENVEA brings a perfect understanding of your needs and ability to manage and maintain a large AQMS network around the world.

ENVEA’s turnkey Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AAQMS) are designed and built to fit your needs. They can measure continuously the concentration of criteria air pollutants (such as SO2, NOx, CO, O3, THC, VOCs, etc.), particulate matters, weather parameters and wind speed and direction continuously all year round. Mobile AQMS can also be customized to monitor multiple sites via one system.
24 hours a day, over 40,000 ENVEA air pollution monitors are measuring the air quality of major cities across the globe: Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Barcelona, Seoul, Mecca, Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Budapest, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dakar, Beijing, Chongqing…


For the design and installation of your “turnkey” solutions, maintenance, modernization or emergency repair on your existing systems, ENVEA is the only provider which can give you the assurance of optimal reactivity.

ENVEA products present an intelligent environmental solution, based on your needs for reliability, easy functionality, and efficient monitoring. These highly sensitive ambient air pollution monitors are designed with the user in mind. They will provide accuracy and reliability, using innovative technologies and methods, yet are intuitive and simple to operate, and are easy to maintain.
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Air quality monitoring
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