Renewal program

Cairsens® Renewal Program

ENVEA plays a pioneering role in air quality monitoring and puts environment protection at the heart of its strategy. The group is therefore committed to manufacture sustainable solutions and to recycling old Cairsens® micro-sensors.
In that respect, a renewal program including recycling is available for Cairsens®. The objective is to guarantee a reliable metrology throughout the process and a data-loss free replacement of used micro-sensors.


  • Contribute to protection of the environment through recycling program
  • Take advantage of a commercial discount with a credit note per Cairsens® returned.
  • Get a new plug & play Cairsens® as replacement, shipped with its calibration certificate
  • Continue to have an accurate measurement and no data loss during replacement phase

How to proceed

  1. Ask for a quotation for the Cairsens® sensors you want to renew (click on the link above)
    Note 1: We recommend to do this 3 months before the anniversary date of the original order.
    Note 2: You will receive an email copy of the form once completed.
  2. Place your order once quotation received.
  3. The new Cairsens® sensors with their respective calibration certificates will be shipped to the indicated delivery address.
  4. Once received, the new Cairsens® sensors must be plugged-in in place of the previous one.
  5. The old Cairsens® sensors must be then sent back to ENVEA, with the copy of the form previously received by email, to the following address:
Micro-sensors Renewal Department
35 Rue Jean Bouin
78300 POISSY – France
Upon reception of the used Cairsens® sensors, a credit note will be established with a 2-year validity, to be used for the next renewal order of Cairsens®.
Any other questions? Consult our F.A.Q.