Light Scatter Particulate Emission Monitor


The DM 170 is designed to comply with the TÜV suitability testing scheme to EN 15267 and for measuring dust concentrations in a wide range of industrial applications.

  • ProScatter™ Backscatter sensor technology with superior minimum detection as low as 1mg/m³ compared to conventional techniques
  • Manual and remote Zero and Span (Reference) checks available to ensure optimal instrument performance
  • Purge Flow Fail Sensor and Optical Shield options
  • Offers a more reliable PM dust measurement as an alternative to Opacity and Scintillation based monitors for emissions that are reported in mg/m³ and provides
    early indication of increased dust emissions in processes with low dust concentrations
  • Non-intrusive system designed to operate in noncondensing stack environments and to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Contamination risks are further reduced due to singleside stack installation where critical optical components remain outside the stack
  • A Flue Gas Blocker can be fitted to ensure that flue gases do not escape when the unit is opened (for auditing/maintenance purposes), thus enhancing on-site personnel safety
    The DM 170 is well-suited for use in medium to large stacks and is suitable for low to high dust concentration measurements, regardless of dust velocity or charge.
    Typical applications include:

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) relative to Emission Limit Values (ELV) in Power Plant, Boiler and Metal Smelting applications
  • Filter performance monitoring in Metal, Mineral and Chemical plants
Technical Specifications
Measured parameters Dust
Technology ProScatterTM Backscatter
Measurement/Monitoring capability <1 – 1000 mg/m³
Stack/Duct diameter suitability 1.5 to 15 m (5- 50 ft)
Flue gas temperature -20°C to 250°C (-4°F to 482°F)
option: up to 400°C (752°F)
Baghouse YES
Cartridge Filter YES
Ceramic Filter YES
Coalescent Filter YES
Cyclone YES
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) YES
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) /
Wet Scrubber /
Sensor variants Stainless Steel
QA checks YES
Technical data
Measurement capability <1 – 1000 mg/m3
Sensor Variants 316 Stainless Steel
Stack Temperature Ranges -20°C – 250°C up to 400°C option
Functionality and QA Checks Automatic zero and span
Data Output RS485 (Modbus) output to Controller
Air Purge option
Enclosure Protection Rating IP65
  • Designed to comply with the TÜV suitability testing scheme to EN 15267

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