Technology for Flue Gas Velocity measurement

𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘗𝘪𝘵𝘰𝘵™ Technology

ENVEA’s innovative ProPitot™ measurement technique is an averaging pitot technology providing a representative high quality and reliable Flue Gas Velocity measurement for industrial stacks for regulatory flow rate and mass emission reporting (kg/year).

This averaging pitot technique enables:

  • Representative flue gas velocity, pressure and temperature measurement across a broad range of emission monitoring applications
  • Real-time normalisation of pollutant measurements to reference conditions (STP/NTP)
  • Compliance with European monitoring standards EN 16911-2 and EN 15267-3 for QAL 1 and is US EPA PS-6 (CFR40 Part 75) Flow CEM capable
ENVEA’s innovative ProPitot™ APF Averaging-Pitot Technology is developed from well-established measurement principles. Representative measurement is achieved from uniquely located pressure holes across the upstream and downstream edges of the sensor. Averaged differential pressure readings provide the velocity output, alongside the static pressure and temperature readings.
  • Continuous representative measurement of Flow, Temperature and Pressure suitable for up to 8m stack diameter complete with outputs to the chosen data acquisition system
  • Representative Flow measurement technique including built-in zero and span checks that challenge the instrument’s ability to measure Flow
  • Automatic Inlet cleaning cycle
  • Optional Probe back purge system
  • Unaffected by Flue gas composition and changes
  • Wider dynamic measurement range
ENVEA ProPitot™ instruments are available with in-built manual quality assurance zero and span checks to satisfy legislative requirements including EN 14181, QAL 3, US EPA, daily checks and AST, US EPA linearity checks