Heated Sampling System


The LCPD BOX is a full extractive sampling probe assembly which extracts the sample gas through a probe & heated filter to remove particulates.

To be used with heated analyzers, or with unheated analyzers such as MIR 9000, MIR-IS, by adding a cooling dryer

The LCPD BOX sampling system uses the Hot Wet Extractive (Wet Basis Analysis).

  • Stainless steel probe tube with optional reusable primary filter
  • Corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Temperature regulated heated block, containing zero-air / span gas connection & heated line connectors
  • Check valve eliminates dead volume
  • Large volume, quick-pulse blow-back
  • Heated filter prevents condensation

Hot Wet Extractive (Wet Basis Analysis)
The gas sample is extracted and transferred through heated sampling lines. It is heated above 180°C in order to avoid acid dew points for the analysis process. Upon arrival to the analyzer, the sample is hot and wet.

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