Opacity QAL1 Approved Particulate CEM  


QAL1 approved particulate CEM which meets US EPA PS-1 requirements for Opacity monitoring from combustion stacks

Robust multi corner cube reflector provides truer reflection of transmitted light compared to traditional “mirror type” reflectors providing greater confidence in measurement

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  • Outstanding reliability with no continuously moving parts
  • Automatic in-situ zero and span checking with built-in calibration audit and zero drift correction
  • Dual light source, with patented Flood LED source provides robust check of the detectors
    and minimises effects of temperature instability
  • Stacks after bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, no filtration
  • Non-condensing / dry flue gases
    Typical Applications:

  • Incineration
  • Metals (eg Steel/Aluminium)
  • Minerals (eg Cement/Gypsum)
  • Chemicals (eg Refinery / Rubber)
  • Power Generation Plant (eg Coal/Biomass)
Technical Specifications
Measured parameters Dust
Technology Opacity
Measurement/Monitoring capability 0-100%*
Stack/Duct diameter suitability up to 10m
Flue gas temperature up to 600°C
Baghouse YES
Cartridge Filter /
Ceramic Filter /
Coalescent Filter /
Cyclone /
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) YES
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) /
Wet Scrubber /
Sensor variants Cast aluminium, epoxy coated
QA checks YES
*Application dependant
Technical data
Measurement capability 0 – 100% (opacity); 0-1000 mg/m3 (concentration)
Sensor Variants cast aluminium, epoxy coated
Stack Temperature Ranges up to 600°C
Functionality and QA Checks Automatic zero and span; automatic correction for zero drift
Interface – Available as standalone sensor pair (no controller) or with either standard control unit (Interface module) for single stack or with ProController for multi-sensor networks
– Available with standard control unit (Interface module) for single stack or with ProController for multi-sensor networks
On-board data logging (control unit only) User configurable Long term, Short term or Pulse logging
Output RS232, RS485 (Modbus), Ethernet Digital Alarm and 4/20mA (number of outputs dependant on system configuration (with or without controller)
Air Purge blower required
Enclosure Protection Rating IP65
  • TÜV (UBA) certified to EN15267-3
  • QAL1 as defined by EN14181
  • QAL3 compliance to EN14181
  • US EPA PS-1 compliant
  • GOST / EAC Approved

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