Wind speed and direction sensor

Ultrasonic anemometer for Cairnet®

The device measures wind speed and direction and is powered by its integrated solar panel. It also has a rechargeable lithium battery (located under the ultrasonic plate).

The anemometer is compatible with all versions of Cairnet® (software update required), can be easily connected to it and can be mounted on the same support as the mini station.

Thanks to its low energy consumption, it offers a fully autonomous measurement solution that complements the environmental parameters (temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure) offered by Cairnet.

Finally, the system has been specially designed for marine applications and guarantees robustness and reliability in all climatic conditions (humidity, corrosion, strong winds, etc.).

  • Measures wind speed and direction
  • Long-term, maintenance-free reliability
  • Each anemometer is tested and calibrated before delivery
  • 100% autonomous thanks to its small solar panel and its rechargeable battery
  • Autonomy up to 7 days
  • Easy to install