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ENVEA’s long association with the Incineration Industry includes supporting Plant Operators to meet environmental obligations and the requirement for high performance instrumentation with quality assurance features for compliance reporting.

In addition to the importance of regulatory compliance, the process control and treatment of flue gases from waste-to-energy processes represents a significant proportion of overall costs, therefore, quality data from emissions and process monitoring provides valuable feedback on the process performance providing greater efficiency and control.

Process guide incineration – solutions offered & benefits

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This is a nicely presented document full of good surprises. We are already using some of these measuring solutions, but we weren’t aware that there is such a wide range of solutions that not only reduce pollutant emissions, but also lead to significant cost savings.

Incineration plants deal with several complexities inherent to the process entailed. It is very good to know that firms such as ENVEA Group are dealing with these issues, so as to provide cleaner and safer air used by the industry.