Cairnet® DATA+ is a real-time air quality monitoring mini-station including up to 6 Cairsens microsensors. It has been designed to leverage local communication and features main power supply (12VDC – 2A) and multiple communication modes (TCP-IP, cellular, analog).

Indeed, it can be used with ENVEA’s data acquisition & handling system eSam & XR® or with customer software platform.
The system can acquire data from a large range of “all-in-one” weather stations, noise sensors, etc. and is ideal for local site monitoring in complement to Reference Air Quality Monitoring Systems.

Data security and privacy are guaranteed thanks to direct and local communication to the reporting platform.
Cairnet® DATA+ is a cost-effective, compact, and easily deployable solution for air quality monitoring. It gives you a complete picture of the environmental impact of your operations.


  • Real-time continuous monitoring of up to 10 parameters simultaneously (H2S/CH4S, NH3, nmVOC, O3+NO2, NO2, CO, SO2, PM10, PM2.5 & PM1) + environmental parameters (T°C, HR% & Pa).
  • Communication modes : Wi-Fi, LTE / 4G / … via local server, TCP-IP Modbus, 4-20 mA


  • Pollution control of industrial sites / Health and safety: WWTP, recycling, pulp and paper manufacturing…
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring:
    • Urban areas/cities: road traffic, tunnels…
    • Industrial areas: airports, ship terminals…