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Online moisture measurement for solids – Application overview
Application overview | M-Sens
Areas of use

M-Sens 2 was developed specifically for permanent material moisture measurements of solids in continuous processes. M-Sens 2 is used for online moisture measurements

  • in dusts, powders, granulates, wood chips and other bulk solids
  • in various installation positions

Simple installation in all processes and straightforward calibration are two important benefits of the M-Sens 2 for daily process optimisation.
As the entire sensor is wear-resistant and watertight it is very reliable and will provide a long service life. As the material must always be in contact with the sensor, its measuring window is protected by a mixed ceramic screen which has a good load capacity in terms of wear and pressure.

With further development of the M-Sens sensor, the new moisture measurement sensor M-Sens 3 has been equipped with two additional features. It is possible to receive the material temperature continuously via a separate 4 – 20 mA output. With the integrated temperature measurement the user receives another important process parameter in real time, which is particularly interesting for drying, heating or cooling processes.

Furthermore the M-Sens 3 sensor also offers the function of flow detection. The new flow detection feature extends process reliability, especially when used in applications with materials that tend to cake. The new function immediately detects whether the material in front of the sensor is in motion. Only when material is moving it is ensured that not the same material sample is permanently measured, resulting in a falsified measurement value.

In addition, the M-Sens 3 issues an alarm as soon as no material flow occurs. For example, if there is no material flow through a screw conveyor anymore, this won’t be seen by the process control system, but the M-Sens 3 generates an alarm as soon as material is no longer conveyed.

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