Contactless material flow detection on conveyor belts

Agriculture industry | FlowJam

Customer: Agriculture industry

Material: Corn cobs

Installation: Over the conveyor belt

Function: Detect material movement


Industrial efficiency is achieved after a chain of small improvements across the plant.
Our customer in agriculture industry transports corn cobs via a conveyor belt. He was looking for an easy to install and maintain solution to monitor whether material flows on top of their conveyor belt. With this information more control and automation as well as an exchange of information with the upstream and downstream process is possible.


FlowJam is developed to be simple to install, adjust and maintain. It’s the right choice for material flow and material jam monitoring. Any pipe section can be monitored.
Contactless material flow detection can be achieved thanks to the Microwave technology. Such installation allows durability and no damages in the sensor.
Installed over the conveyor belt, the sensor has no material contact ensuring no wear or breakage.
With the material flow information, the automated system is able to associate with related processes and make the whole batch work more smoothly and integrated.



  • Energy efficiency, because subsequent units only need to be switched on when the sensor indicates material on the belt
  • Information exchange with the truck unloading (before) and sieve (after) possible
  • Long durability, no material contact
  • Very easy installation and adjustment