ENVEA is now a member of ESWET
May 23, 2023

Poissy, 23/05/2023

ENVEA is a member of ESWET – European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology since 14 April 2023. The association represents manufacturers of products and solutions for waste management. Many technologies have a positive impact, make waste recycling and waste incineration more sustainable, cleaner and thus protect the environment. ESWET stands for these companies.

A wide variety of ENVEA products and solutions are used in this industry and contribute to clean and safe plants. Gas and mercury analysers monitor the pollutant emissions of waste incineration plants, dust monitors ensure the timely detection of dust emissions, and long-term sampling systems can be used to determine the biogenic share in the CO2 emissions of a waste incineration plant. “ENVEA has long been involved with many different technologies for emission control and air quality monitoring in waste incineration plants. Therefore, the membership in ESWET was an obvious choice for us,” says ENVEA GmbH Managing Director Jürgen Reinmann.