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Compliant emissions monitoring for a foundry plant in Brazil
Foundry | LEAK ALERT 80
The customer is a global company specialized in developing and manufacturing highly engineered structural cast iron components applied to complex metallurgical and geometrical components extensively used in capital goods.
It develops solutions present in the diversified segments, such as freight transport (all modals), infrastructure, agriculture, power generation and many other industrial applications. For over 80 years, the company has been promoting the access to health, basic sanitation, potable water, food, and other basic needs related to the quality of life. It is renowned in the market for its innovative capacity and the technical knowledge of its employees. The company has plants located in Joinville/SC (Brazil), São Paulo (Brazil), Betim/MG (Brazil), and in the cities of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe (Mexico) as well as Aveiro (Portugal).

What issues was the customer facing?

The customer contacted ENVEA to find a solution for emission control and bag filter performance. The plant, located in Santa Catarina, south of Brazil, is in the middle of the city. Hence the neighborhood puts a lot of pressure on both the environmental agencies and the company itself to minimize air pollution caused by the plant emissions and is aware if it is meeting local regulation requirements.

What brought the company to contact ENVEA?

Many years ago, the ENVEA team in Brazil was carrying out visits and presentations of our emission control system and explaining the benefits of knowing and controlling emissions both to meet local environmental standards and to understand and improve the efficiency of bag filters.

Two years ago, after a remodeling of the company’s management and with the presence of a high-quality environmental and filter maintenance department, the foundry contacted ENVEA and made the decision to start installing the first dust monitors. In the first year, 18 sensors were installed, in the second year 15 more and this year 5 more sensors were installed.

What ENVEA solution was proposed to the customer?

ENVEA proposed the Leak Alert 80, a TÜV certified, simple and efficient solution meeting the customer’s technical and commercial needs, coupled with a high-quality support.

The sensor is an integrated particulate emission monitoring and filter leak detection system that features ENVEA’s patented ElectroDynamic® technology to ensure accurate, reliable monitoring, with TÜV Approval according to EN 15859 as a Filter Dust Monitor and US EPA MACT compliance. The sensor incorporates internal instrument configuration via a digital display and a simple keypad for an easy of set-up. It is provided with 2 x Relay (alarm) and 1 x 4-20 mA outputs, with in-built Quality Assurance checks for confidence in measurement. User upgrades include options for ease of use and enhanced Quality Assurance.

Is the customer pleased with the solution provided by ENVEA?

The customer is very satisfied with the entire solution provided by ENVEA (commercial, application support, service and technical assistance) and has acquired more dust monitors for this plant. In consequence, the Santa Catarina plant has now 90% of the stacks controlled and Leak Alert 80 helps the company understand and monitor the performance of simple bag filters. It enables the company to improve the bag filter efficiency, minimize emissions and reduce maintenance costs for bag filters.
The company also deployed the ElectroDynamic technology solution in Mexico’s plant that acquired 5 more Stack 990 systems. In 2024, the Minas Gerais plant (Brazil) will start to equip all its stacks to standardize and enhance all the plant’s emission monitoring.

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