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A global solution for Mercury monitoring
Emissions & Process | SM-5, PicoFlow, SolidFlow & WEXTM DAHS
The Incineration and Energy from Waste (EfW) sectors face tighter emission controls, to meet updated national regulations, whilst facing increasing pressure to reduce plant operating costs. The Minamata Convention on Mercury (Hg), a global agreement on environment and health protection adopted in 2013, includes the need to control and reduce Hg emissions from the related industrial sectors.

ENVEA offers measurement solutions at key stages allowing the optimization of the process. These guarantee an effective control of
atmospheric emission, a limitation of the quantity of chemical reagent and sorbent used. And ultimately, significant reductions in operating costs.

Applications: Incineration, cement industry, coal fire powerplant, etc.

(click on the blue dots on the diagram to see the measurement solutions interactively)
Continuous measurement of mercury in raw gases, upstream of exhaust treatments

  • Specific analyzer adapted to the process conditions offering a very high sensitivity on a very wide range of measurements
  • Mercury speciation possible (Hg° / Hg2+ / total Hg)
Optimization and control of the whole flue gas conditioning process:

  • Real-time monitoring of parameters, overruns & calculated means / Trends / Emission Limit Value

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