Gas Analyzers

Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy (PAS) Analyzers

CAI PAS analyzers use photoacoustic infrared technology to measure many of the most commonly measured IR-absorbing gases. Gas selectivity is achieved through the use of optical filters that provide both a means of detecting the gas of interest and compensating for interfering gases and water.  Both bench-top and rack-mounted PAS configurations are available.

An optional carousel is available to accommodate up to five additional gases. Typical applications for CAI PAS analyzers include:

  • Vehicle exhaust measurements for Ammonia, Ethanol, Nitrous Oxide, CO2, CO and H2O
  • SHED testing for Methanol, Ethanol, Toluene, CO2, R-134-A and H2O
  • Process quality control
  • Stack gases
  • VOC/THC analysis
  • Fermentation/greenhouse gases
  • Trace gas analysis
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Livestock emissions

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