About CAI

CAI Executive Team

Tom Compas


Tom Compas joined CAI in June of 2018 after a rewarding 34 year career with Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI).  After spending the first half of  his career with TAI was on the sales-side of the business,  Mr. Compas was promoted to General Manager in 2001 where he remained until May of 2018. With full P&L responsibility, he was able to achieve year-over-year improvement in both sales & EBIT for 15 straight years.  He created organic growth by establishing private label relationships with small companies that possessed innovative sensing technologies and by shifting TAI into the liquid analytics arena.  Mr. Compas has been tasked to expand  CAI’s international presence  and their product portfolio.

Gerry DeMint

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Engineering

Gerry DeMint’s career in manufacturing and engineering management in the systems and instrumentation business spans nearly 20 years. Prior to joining CAI, he held management positions in the electronic assembly/manufacturing industry.

Mr. DeMint has been instrumental in designing new products, and in implementing new programs for optimizing engineering, documentation, manufacturing and inventory levels.

Doug Omer

Chief Financial Officer

Doug Omer joined CAI in May 2008. He spent the previous 10 years as Chief Operating Officer for Surface Protection Industries, Inc., a specialty paint manufacturer.  He previously held a number of senior financial positions with American Cyanamid, Beecham Pharmaceuticals and Roberts Consolidated.

Dr. Kevin Ramazan

Vice President of Research and Product Development

Dr. Kevin Ramazan came to CAI from the semiconductor industry where he helped develop the manufacturing process of computer components at companies such as Intel, AMD and Texas Instruments.  Prior to that, he performed atmospherically relevant gas-phase chemical research that included designing and developing a long-path FTIR system at UC Irvine.

David White

Manager, Custom Products

David White has served as Custom Products Manager at CAI since July 1985. Mr. White has been directly involved in the design of current, state-of-the-art custom emission test systems since 1977. He is the co-inventor of a CAI patent for a system for mass emissions sampling of combustion products.

Prior to joining CAI, Mr. White held positions with Horiba Instruments, Inc. and Econolite Group, Inc.