Solar AQMS


The Solar AQMS is fully modular and offers the possibility to mix criteria pollutant analyzers function to your monitoring requirements:
Continuous Automated Suspended particulate Monitor – MP101M:
  • The MP101M uses the standard ISO 10473 beta gauge measurement method for the continuous monitoring of PM10 (EN 12341 & US-EPA) and PM2.5 (EN 14907, US-EPA & J-MOE).
Ozone analyzer – O342e:
  • It uses the UV Direct Absoprtion (UV-DA) technology combiend with a patented optical technology to ensure the most reliable O3 monitoring on the market, in compliance with EN 14625.
Sulfur Dioxide analyzer – AF22e:
  • The AF22e is based on the UV Fluorescence Technique (EN 14212) to continuously measure sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentrations.
Carbon Monoxide analyzer – CO12e:
  • The CO12e analyzer quantifies the carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations. Its measurement method is based on the NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared) Absorption Principle (EN 14626).
Nitrogen Oxides analyzer – AC32e:
  • The AC32e uses the CLD Chemiluminescence Detection, the reference method according the EN 14211 to measure nitrogen oxides (NO, NOx and NO2) concentrations.
  • The AS32M, using patented Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) technology for direct measurement of NO2, can be an alternative to the AC32e, with lower energy consumption.
AQMS monitor – Measured compounds