Analyzer Technical Documents: Downloading procedure

Concerned models: O342e, AC32e, AF22e, CO12e, VOC72e, AS32M, MP101M, MIR 9000e, MIR 9000ASD, MIR 9000P

The technical documents of the mentioned analyzers’ are stored within the unit. These documents are: Quality Test Certificate, Quick-Start (QSG), Metrological Qualification Test Report, Technical Manual of the analyzer.

On initial powering-on, COPY these files to a USB flash drive. Then, read carefully the Quick-Start before commissioning the analyzer.

Follow the procedure indicated below:

1 – Unpack the unit and put it on a flat table.

2 – Connect the power cord to the mains supply.

3 Power ON the unit by pressing the ON / OFF button located on the front panel (for e-series analyzers), and on the rear panel (for MP101M color). The analyzer screen is then activated:

4 – Insert the USB key in the USB port, and touch the button  to display the information panel

5 – Touch the button  to copy the files to the USB key.

During the copy, the « Certificate and Doc file copy » message is displayed in the « Active USB function » field.

The copy is finished when this message disappears.

6 – Touch  to close the information panel. Remove the USB key and power OFF the unit.

For the AC32e: an alarm  may be triggered because the external pump is not connected yet to the analyzer. It has no effect on the USB function, nor on the analyzer operation.

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8 – Insert the USB key in a PC and click on the « DocAndCertificate.zip » folder to extract the files. Open the « QSG_………pdf » file, read and follow the QUICK-START instructions to commission the analyzer.

The USER MUST read and follow the instructions within the QSG (Quick-Start) file
TO commission the unit.