Welcome to ENVEA’s new online support system. It enables improved visibility, tracking and review of support tickets raised to the ENVEA Technical Support teams.

The system allows secure access for authorized partners to their own dedicated account, allowing individual users to raise tickets for support online.

Features include the ability to:

  • Create your own support tickets
  • Attach documents and data
  • Set the Urgency and Impact of your ticket
  • Receive email updates on the status of your ticket
  • Communicate directly with the technical support specialist assigned to your ticket
  • Track the status of all tickets from your organisation
  • Receive solutions to your tickets

Instructions on how to register and how to use this portal can be found here :

How to use our support portal

As of 1st of February 2021 all requests for technical support must be made through the new system. Current open support requests will be transferred into this new system and email notifications received regarding any updates.

Full-screen support site