Extractive TDLAS gas Analyzer

LAS 300 RK

High precision measurements of selective compounds such as: HF, HCl, NH3, O2, NO, CO and H2O. Other gases on request

Ideal for applications which require reliable and specific measurements, this gas monitor is suitable for monitoring ppb and ppm concentrations in emissions, ambient
air or process monitoring. It uses rapid laser tuning and direct absorption spectroscopy to achieve very stable results

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  • Uses rapid laser tuning and direct absorption spectroscopy in order to achieve very low detection
  • Measurements performed at reduced pressure allowing specific measurements even in the presence of complex background gas mixtures
  • Very robust low-volume multi-pass cell. Path-length unaffected by mirror reflectivity
  • Hot / wet extractive, no sample drying or complex conditioning required
  • High sensitivity (ppb, ppm concentrations)
  • Large dynamic range
  • Interference-free gas measurements
  • Stable and repeatable measurements
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced operation cost
  • Ultra low HCl monitoring in Emissions applications
  • High purity of gases
  • Semiconductor process
  • Traces monitoring in Ambient air (HCl / HF)
Measurable parameters
Pollutant Range
HCI 0-10 / 500
HF 0-5
NH3 0-15
O2(%) 0-30
Lowest / Highest available ranges expressed in mg/m3 (may vary with your site conditions to be indicated on the Site Survey Form)
Technical Specifications
QAL1 to EN 15267-3 certified N/A
US EPA compliance N/A
Sampling technology Hot/Wet Extraction
Sample transfert 180°C heated sampling line
back flush function YES
span injection YES on analyser or at sample point
Built-In O2 option NO
Serial link communication Modbus RTU
Other Communication Ethernet
Analogue OUTPUTS /
Analogue INPUTS /
Dimensions (mm) 19” rack: 490 x 483 x 177 (D x W x H)

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