Flow measurement for dense-phase conveying

DensFlow HP

Continuous flow measurement of powder or granules in high pressure dense-phase conveying.

Designed to measure solid flows during pneumatic dense phase transport.
The sensor measures density and speed.

Pressure-resistant up to 64 bar

  • Reliable flow metering in pneumatic dense-phase
  • Installation creates no obstacle in the profile, hence no dead spots in which residue can form
  • Maintenance-free
  • Contactless measuring procedure (no mechanics)
  • Highly wear-resistant ceramic inner tube
  • Reliable measurement of density and velocity
  • ATEX category 3 approved
  • Short response time for material flow detection
  • According to pressure equipment directive (on request)
  • Materials: Powder or granules in pneumatic dense-stream transport
    Main applications:

  • Coal gasification
Technical Specifications
Material to measure Dust and powders
Working principle Electromagnetic
Process pressure max 110 bar
Process temperature Up to +120°C
Mounting Flange build-in
Type of Conveying Pneumatic densphase
Flow rates No limit
Pipe diameter Max. DN 150mm
ATEX rating Category 3, Cat. 1 applied
Output 4…20mA, Modbus, Profibus