DynamicOpacity™ Dust Monitor


Stand alone Cross Stack optical dust monitor suitable for measuring emissions after electrostatic precipitators and stacks without filtration systems

  • Used for emissions measurement (mg/m³) after electrostatic precipitators and baghouses or Process control applications
  • Advanced sensor design includes automatic drift (zero and span) checks
    • Simple installation and maintenance
    • Resistant to contamination. Will work with optics 90% obscured
    • External display and keyboard for easy set up
    • Blowers not required can be purged with instrument air
    • Simple installation, set-up and maintenance
    • Resistant to contamination, operational with optics 90% contaminated
    • Lower levels of maintenance than traditional Opacity systems
    • Can be purged with instrument air providing lower cost of ownership; blowers available if preferred
    • mg/m³ output, once calibrated.
    • Stacks after Electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones, or no filter
    • Non-condensing / dry flue gases
    • Variable flue gas velocities, including low velocity flue gase
      Typical applications:

    • Incineration
    • Metals e.g. Steel/Aluminium
    • Minerals e.g. Cement
    • Power e.g. Boilers/Biomass
    Technical Specifications
    Measured parameters Dust
    Technology DynamicOpacityTM
    Measurement/Monitoring capability 0-1000 mg/m³*
    Stack/Duct diameter suitability up to 8m
    Flue gas temperature up to 400°C
    Baghouse YES
    Cartridge Filter /
    Ceramic Filter /
    Coalescent Filter /
    Cyclone YES
    Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) YES
    Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) /
    Wet Scrubber /
    Sensor variants Stainless Steel
    QA checks N/A
    *Application dependant
    Technical data
    Monitoring capability 0-1000 mg/m3
    Stack Temperature Ranges 0-250°C standard up to 400°C option
    Outputs RS232, RS485 (Modbus), 2 x Relay Alarms, 1 x 4/20mA

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