The Dilution System

DIL-1 / MS-1

Ideal for mid-high to high concentrations, also for sampling locations in hazardous areas (ATEX).

To be used with low concentration analyzers (AC32e, CO12e, AF22e, HC51M) or MIR 9000
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The DIL-1 / MS-1 is a dilution system.

  • Selectable sonic orifices allowing different dilution ratios (from 12:1 to 350:1)
  • Sample transfer up to 150 m (diluted / clean & dry sample) by non-heated sampling line
  • Fluid control unit for 1 to 4 Dilution probes
  • Span gas injection at the sampling point
  • Automatic back-flush function included
  • Dilution probes available in different lengths & materials to suit sample conditions
  • Refinieries and petrochemical industries
  • Power plants
  • Hazardous areas installations…
Technical Specifications
Maximum sample gas temperature – standard probe: + 400°C
– quartz probe: + 600°C
Dilution rate 12/1 to 350/1 function of the type of critical orifice selected (sampling from 20 ml/mn to 500 ml/mn)
Accuracy of dilution rate ± 2 %
Compressed air 400 Nl/h, 5 to 7 bars
Probe dimensions 27 mm external diameter, 60 cm standard length (body made of special alloy)
Unheated line from 5 to 150 m
MS1 housing 19’’ / 4U

Dilution extractive
The flue gas is extracted, filtered & diluted with clean dry air, by an in-stack dilution probe, before being sent to the analyzer.
This technique lowers the flue gas dew point, keeping the sample temperature under ambient temperature, in order to eliminate all condensation issues (water interferencefree). This also reduces the risk of contamination of the analyzer (low concentrations).
The dilution allows sample measurements in highly corrosive, dirty or high concentration conditions.
The diluted sample is transported in an unheated sample line to the analyzer. This reduces the overall cost of operation of the system.

  • Suitable for explosion-proof applications (ATEX area) – no electric feed needed for probe & transfer line
  • Allows long distance transfer (>150m)
  • No chillers required
  • Effective for low or high concentrations with IR-GFC (CO/CO2), Chemiluminescence (NOx), UV Fluorescence (SO2), FID (THC)…
  • Low maintenance sampling solution (continuous use for months without intervention or maintenance)
  • Calibration gas injection allows full system calibration check
  • Requires dedicated air clean-up panel to ensure clean dilution air
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