Mercury Ultratracer


Compact and reliable instrument for measuring mercury in gases at ultra trace level according to the EN 15852.

The UT-3000 utilizes the Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (CVAAS) for automatic and continuous monitoring of Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) in Ambient Air at Ultra Trace Levels

Detection limit at sub-ng/m3 (ppq-parts per quadrillion) levels, far superior to other instruments on the market
  • Offers unmatched accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability and excellent long-term stability of measurement
  • Easy to setup, use, and maintain
  • High frequency electrode-less mercury low pressure lamp offering high sensitivity, precision and stability
  • The analyzer does not require expensive carrier gases (unlike with the fluorescence detection method)
  • Insensitive to interferences caused by the quenching effect
  • The analyzer offers sensitivity and detection limits superior to other mercury analyzers on the market using similar technologies
  • Continuous outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring
  • Stationary and mobile AQMS laboratories
  • Industrial fence-line and field monitoring
  • Environmental pollution source tracking
  • Studies of mercury dispersion in the atmosphere
  • Measurement Campaigns and Monitoring Studies…

  • AutoRange function (automatic adjustment of the sample volume function
    of the mercury concentration)
  • Manual calibration device
  • AutoCal unit for automatic calibration
  • MC-3000 calibration gas generator
  • Carrying case with handle and wheels
  • Battery power supply pack (for the portable version)

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