e-Series Sulfur dioxides Analyzer SO2


UV Fluorescence gas monitor offering excellent performances for the monitoring of SO2 in the range 0-10 ppm or 0-1 ppm

Eco-designed, reference air quality monitor, QAL1 certified by the TÜV, US-EPA approved. Utilizes the standard method for the measurement of sulfur dioxides(EN 14212). With its ultra low power consumption & 24 V supply (option), the AF22e is the sole SO2 monitor on the market able to measure without being connected to the power grid.

    • • Superior metrological performances for SO2 measurements in ranges 0-10 ppm or 0-1 ppm
    • • Innovative conception of the optical module for excellent sensitivity and signal stability
    • Real-time calibration graph, animated synoptic, auto-diagnostic, control and maintenance data screens can be displayed while the instrument is operating
    • • Embedded Communication Protocol for XR® Software with automatic recognition and configuration
    • • Able to withstand temperatures up to 45-50 °C without air conditioning
    • Special architecture means that no additional pump is necessary in case of permeation bench (in option)
    • • Automatic recognition of plugged electronic boards or optional devices: plug and play principle
    • Smart, connected instrument with embedded web server for the easiest, full remote control and operation of the analyzer from any PC, tablet or smartphone (configuration, calibration, test, diagnostic parameters…)
  • Continuous indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Stationary and mobile AQMS laboratories
  • Industrial fence-line monitoring
  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) by dilution
  • Laboratory & field studies on SO2/H2S/TRS effects…
  • Background (urban or suburban) Rural, Traffic, Kerbside measurement campaigns and monitoring studies
Technical specifications
Measured parameter SO2
Technology UV fluorescence
US-EPA Approval / QAL 1 Certification YES
Measurement ranges 0-1 ppm ou 0-10 ppm programmable by user
Measurement units ppb, ppm, µg/m3 (user-selectable)
Lower Detectable Limit (2σ) < 0.4 ppb
Noise (σ) < 0.2 ppb
Zero drift < 1 ppb / 24h
Span drift < 0,5% / 7 days
Linearity ± 1%
Sample flow rate 20L/h
Sampling pump Internal
Temperature range 0°C to +35°C
Data storage 1 year
Included I/O 1LAN/3USB/WIFI/2DRY
Weight (Kg) 9,8
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 483 x 606 x 133
Chassis 19″ Rack, 3U
Power supply ‘100~250Vac, 50/60Hz + ground

  • TFT color touch screen (800 x 480 , 7″)
  • Additional parameter: SO2
  • 24 V Power supply PLUS extended temperature range 0-50°C

  • 2008/50/EC, EN 14212, EN 15267, 40 CFR PART 53 SUB B and SUB C
  • QAL 1 certified by the TÜV to N° 0000051690
  • U.S. EPA approved as compliant with EQNA-0802-149
    ENVEA monitoring solutions are European QAL 1 certified and in compliance with the latest international regulations & standards.
    They are also approved and certified by various laboratories and organizations around the world such as: US EPA, TÜV, GOST, CEN, JQA, CNEMC, JMOE, KTL, CNSA, LCSQA…

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