AQMS air pollution data processing & reporting software


Data acquisition, processing and reporting software, able to handle networkly thousands of AQMS stations and monitors in a town, city or region.

The XR® environmental management software by ENVEA offer compliance with ambient air quality standards (limit values and guide values) for ambient air quality assessment and management.
The XR® software centralizes and handles all of your Air Quality Monitoring data. It offers a whole range of tools for data treatment and forecasting in addition to the monitoring of the quality of the entire measurement chain.  With its unique feature like the automatic data validation module and the QA/QC tools, XR® is the most advanced software suite for your data management.

It provides breakthrough features:
  • Acquisition, processing and display of any type of environmental data: gas and dust analysers, meteorological sensors, samplers…
  • Automatic comparizon with regulatory pollutant limit values (ELV’s)
  • Data collection from hundreds of environmental monitors and sensors (more than 250 communication protocols available)
  • Traceability and high availability of the raw and validated data
  • Advanced statistics, automatic data validation and reports
  • Advanced control of the measurement chain
  • Input and import of analysis results
Fixed monitoring stations for the continuous measurements and analysis of air pollutants (particulates & gases)
Mobile laboratories that help examine the air quality at various locations, as well as the geographic distribution of air pollution.
Data acquisition:

  • Data acquisition from analyzers and other devices via digital or analog inputs
  • Calculations (scaling, adjustment, linearization, normalization); aggregation of the resulting data on various time period to determine averages
  • Management of failures, thresholds overruns and alarms

Data management:

  • Automatic sending of an email, SMS, fax, etc. on failures or thresholds overruns
  • Communication management between the software and the data acquisition systems
  • Assignment of a quality code for raw and mean data (e.g. maintenance, calibration, drift, alert, failures…)


  • System status display (failures, alarms, thresholds overruns)
  • Multi-window display (slideshow)
  • Data display: raw, means, trends…
  • Supervision of configured parameters, remote monitoring of analyzers
  • Real-time data follow-up, interactive set-up, calibration and automatic results monitoring, remote testing

Data validation (manual):

  • Tables and/or charts data display
  • Several validation levels with different level rights and logging
  • Actions traceability (data validation, invalidation, adjustment)
  • Quality codes for the data (maintenance, calibration, drift, alerts, failures…)
  • Automatic statistical analysis on previous pollution episode

Data validation (automatic):

  • Automatic data validation in real time
  • Set of customizable data validation rules
  • Backup of the automatically validated data until final inspection
  • Traceability of the automatically validation actions

Report management:

  • Import of laboratory data, automatic or manual data export in various file formats: Excel, XML, HTML, PDF, CSV…
  • Automatic edition of compliant and customized reports according to local authorities’ requirements

System management and security:

  • Database: size control, automatic back-up, data archiving, cleaning and restoring
  • Detailed management of access rights for different user profiles. Systemlogon via identification
  • Logging of any actions either carried out by the users or automatically operated by the software
  • Automatic U.P.S. management in case of power failure
  • Reporting on system operations (failures, communication status, etc.)

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

  • Control charts management
  • Automatic management of calibration charts
  • Automatic analysis and results checking
  • Three different control charts available simultaneously and automatically for each analyzer : CUSUM (NFX06-031-4), EWMA (NFX06-031-3) and Shewart (ISO 8258)
  • Graphical display of monitor calibrations and historical data
    Compliance with:

  • mCERTSPerformance Standards and Test Procedures for Environnemental Data Management Software​

  • ISO 7168-1: 1999 – Air quality exchange of data
  • AFNOR NF X 06-044 norm
  • European Directive 2008/50/CE