The new generation of Cairsens micro-sensors is now available: an economical solution for real-time and continuous air quality and odors monitoring. It offers a sustainable design, intelligent (IoT) measurements and an improved ease of use.

New features

  • All-in one – 3 communication modes available: USB, UART and ModBus
  • Doubles data storage capacity: up to 20 days of 1 min-data
  • Lower power consumption
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Cairsoft can manage up to 5 Cairsens simultaneously, etc.
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Thessalonica and Nicosia choose Cairsens

Air pollution is one of the main environmental problems to be addressed by cities worldwide.

The EU has been funding since 1990 Territorial Cooperation programs. These include the current Balkan-Mediterranean one featuring the AirThings initiative related to air pollution.

As a consequence, large cities such as Thessalonica (Greece) and Nicosia (Cyprus) have installed a full network of ENVEA’s Cairnet, real-time and autonomous air monitoring mini-stations. These stations feature Cairsens micro-sensors for real-time monitoring of NO2, SO2 and fine particulates…

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