The perfect portable tool for stack emissions monitoring in harsh environment

Emission monitoring | MIR 9000P

Excelair Ltd is a new organization located in Mauritius specialized in Air Monitoring Services. For the gaseous component of stack monitoring, Excelair has selected the ENVEA MIR 9000P to help them fulfill their on-site measurements. Mr. Krsn Ramiah, founder and Managing Director, tells us about the team’s field experience while using the portable multi-gas analyzer.

Krsn, can you tell us more about Excelair?

During my career as an QHSSE auditor and as a previous Government Environment Officer, I realized there is a potential market for such Air Monitoring services to be provided locally since it is regulatory and statutorily driven. We started the company a few years ago with the purpose of providing local authorities and industrial sites with regulatory ambient air quality and stack emission measurement services. Excelair is the first private company that offers such services in Mauritius with appropriate equipment that complies with international and local requirements (USEPA and MCerts certification). Our key customers include the main economic players on the Island namely power plants, clinical incinerators and other organizations for which the authorities require regular reporting of their air emissions.

We offer a wide range of services such as air pollution modeling, indoor and ambient air monitoring, CEMS among others. Acquiring a portable and light instrument such as MIR 9000P was essential to our stack monitoring since this helps reduce the risks of accidents while hauling the equipment on the testing platform. The Wi-Fi feature of the MIR 9000P also allows us to monitor the readings without having to remain on the platform for long period of time.

Why did you select ENVEA?

We were looking for a robust and portable analyzer, easy to operate and also compliant with the main international standards i.e. QAL1certified by TÜV, so that the measured data/reports can be accepted for compliance purposes by local authorities.
After some extensive market research we were happy to settle with the new MIR 9000P from ENVEA, that ticked all the required boxes. It offered key differentiation elements from competitors’ products also featuring the SO2 parameter in the certification such as the Wi-Fi feature and optional battery operation. The remote support & training provided by ENVEA was also a critical element in our decision to select the analyzer.

What are the key strengths of the instrument based on your use?

Our team has been using the MIR 9000P at about 10 customers’ sites so far, usually for 2 to 4 hour measuring sessions. The main measured gases are NOx, SO2, CO2, O2, and CO. We are satisfied with the robust capabilities since the equipment has been able to withstand the harsh site conditions such as the heavy rains and corrosive fumes of clients. Other benefits of MIR 9000P are that it is rather light and easy to carry around on-site and the touch screen display is user-friendly during operations. In addition, the analyzer has a warm-up period of 30 min prior to operations. Finally, the current configuration of the analyzer allows quick and efficient download of measured data thanks to the USB key; this is crucial to reduce reporting time and reports can be transmitted to customers without undue delay.