“40 years of experience in the field of environmental monitoring to the benefit of our micro-sensors”

Cairsens® micro-sensors allow to measure specific pollutants with results comparable to reference methods. They are used worldwide by our customers who are looking for new technologies in air quality monitoring. 

The 10,000th Cairsens® micro-sensor dedicated to H2S measurement has just left ENVEA’s factory in the Paris region and is now on its way to Guadeloupe (France), to join the Sargassum algae monitoring network of Gwad’air, the local air quality surveillance association. 

The monitoring of the emissions resulting from the decomposition of the sargassum algae by ENVEA’s micro-sensors is not recent. Measurements of H2S concentrations carried out at the national level by the Air Quality Monitoring Association in the vicinity of natural sources such as the degradation of green algae (west coast of France) or sargassum algae (Martinique, Guyana) have been in place for several years. 

Back in 2015, Madininair had already been appointed by local authorities in Martinique to set up a monitoring network of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia concentrations in urbanized areas impacted by the stranding of these algae. This pioneer network allows a real time and continuous monitoring of H2S and NH3 concentrations. 

Indeed, these networks of measurement of the emanations of the algae in decomposition were already the subject of some publications on our Internet site. Here they are for more information: 

Beaching of Sargassum in Guadeloupe: a network of Cairnet® micro-sensors

Guadeloupe (France) | Cairnet®

Following the update of health recommendations and the management measures of the High Council of Public Health (HCSP, France), the Regional Health Agency and GWAD’AIR (Approved Association for the Monitoring of Air Quality) have deployed a network to measure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3). The daily data collected are available on the Gwad’air website:

Consult here the last available cartography

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French President Macron inaugurates the Cairnet® network in Guadeloupe (France)

28 Sept 2018 | Cairnet®

The new installed network of 24 Cairnet stations to measure the Sargassum algae gas emanations provided by ENVEA Cairpol and installed by Gwad’air end of August has been inaugurated by the French President Emmanuel Macron during his trip to the Antilles this Friday, September 28th.

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