The International Conference on Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (CHoPS) is now at its 10th edition, since it started in Israel in 1995. This conference is the place where the opportunities coming from the advances in the scientific fundamentals of particle mechanics and technology can meet the industrial needs related to storage and handling of particulates, for all fields and possible scales, ranging from handling of bulky particulate materials to precision dosage of fine powders. The timely theme of this Conference edition is “New horizons for particle mechanics and solids handling in the smart manufacturing revolution”.

The scope of the Conference includes the science and technology for the production, transformation and handling of any particulate material such as, but not limited to, chemicals, minerals, ceramic, pharmaceuticals, foods and health products, conventional and biomass fuels, wastes, particles for 3d-printing and includes also the mechanics of particulates relevant to environment preservation and care.