On November 28th, our Italian subsidiary ENVEA Spa will welcome you BOOTH #89 at Crowne Plaza Hotel – San Donato Milanese.

As the group’s first subsidiary, created in 1993, ENVEA SPA has quickly established itself as a major player on the ambient, emissions, and recently, on the highly competitive Process optimization market. Made up of a very competent and active team, the company has managed to create partnerships with renowned companies and laboratories, as well as successfully imposing its presence over the Italian provinces.

For the petrochemical market, ENVEA provides instrumentation to optimize the performance and quality of industrial processes with particular focus on Dust, Flow rates, Gas and solids measurements, and it provides continuous monitoring systems for emissions, in order to comply with current regulations.

Don’t miss our workshop on November 28, 2019 at 3:40 PM, Borromeo Hall: Analytical solutions for the determination of mercury in Natural Gas

Mercury is a frequent constituent of natural gas. It can be found in concentrations ranging from a few µg/m³ to more than 10 000 µg/m³. The presence of mercury in natural gas is responsible for the corrosion of the metal parts with which it comes into contact. Its abatement is handled by MRU (Mercury Reduction Units) systems, which efficiency requires the use of online mercury monitoring systems. With over 20 years of expertise on Mercury monitoring through its German subsidiary Mercury Instruments, ENVEA holds the leading position as mercury monitoring solutions provider. At the mcT Petrolchimico, we will mainly demonstrate:

  • the UT 3000-NG system, engineered for applications on natural gas, able to measure in real time online or offline the mercury content downstream of the abatement systems
  • the UT-3000 for the measurement of mercury in natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • the VOC72e, a compact and fully automated volatile organic compounds analyser providing equal performance to the laboratory chromatograph. QAL1 certified to EN 14662-3 for benzene measurement, the analyzer is particularly well-suited for fixed or mobile ambient air quality monitoring stations.
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