Monitoring moisture with M-Sens 2 – Water injection automation in coffee production

Coffee production | M-Sens 2

Customer: Coffee producer

Product: Coffee grains

Moisture range: 3,5 – 5 %

Installation: Slide after final roaster

Function: Control water injection into the roaster


The food industry is in constant revolution when the subject is measurement. Controlling exact amounts of condiments, spices and all sort of ingredients is direct related to important quality factors like consistency, flavour and due period.

Coffee is a daily drink for a lot of people, it means people can notice quickly small changes in the flavour. During the manufacturing process coffee should be roasted in specific temperature ranges and it is directly connected to the moisture content. One of our customers asked for a measurement system to monitor moisture after the final roaster.

In that part of the process it is essential to keep characteristics good enough to conveying till the packing sector and deliver with the taste that everyone appreciates.


The M-Sens 2 measures continuously up to 65 % of moisture content in materials conveyed on different devices as screw feeders, conveyor belts, slides and more.

In the described application measuring the moisture makes possible to determine when and how much of water should be injected into the final coffee roaster.
After the automatic control the manufacture process became more reliable, thanks to online measurement which makes sure that as soon the moisture content changes the new set point for the water injection lines is sent.

Customer benefits

  • Online control of the water injection
  • Avoidance of missing moisture changes
  • Measurement through the beans
M-Sens 2 - Online residual moisture measurement