The 14th CEM conference and exhibition on Emissions Monitoring will take place as a virtual event.The CEM event is celebrating its’ 25th Anniversary! The first CEM event started in the United Kingdom in 1997 and has been held in The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Turkey, Portugal, India and Hungary. This year due to the Covid pandemic, travel restrictions and Venue Health and safety prohibitions the CEM 2022 event will be virtual. A virtual CEM event means that more delegates can attend the conference, network with both equipment suppliers and other delegates from the comfort and safety of their own home or office. For the Virtual event there will be No delegate fees which will open up more opportunities for interested attendees to participate and join the event.


Dust measurement at low concentrations, Emission regulation and future monitoring challenges, Fence line monitoring & measurement of fugitive/diffuse emissions, Gaseous species at low concentrations (HCl, HF, NH3, SO3, CH4, N2O, CHOH, TOC…), Green House Gases, Hydrogen in flue gas, Innovative Measurement Technology, Industrial Case Studies (Power industry, Cement industry, Metal industry, Chemical Industry, Glass industry, Minerals and Mining, Waste Management and Incineration), Mercury and Trace Metals, Standards and Quality (Including Measurement Uncertainty and Limits of Detection)

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Visitors and delegates to the CEM events come from a range of industries around the world that have a common goal and the need to monitor emissions from their plants or processes. At the last CEM in Budapest, there was a significant increase in both numbers of visitor attendees and exhibitors. Visitor numbers rose by 14% travelling from 42 different countries and exhibitor numbers rose to over 60 representing the main international CEM equipment and service suppliers . The CEM event provided visitors and delegates a wealth of information on Emission regulation, future monitoring challenges, standards and quality procedures, dust measurement, measuring gaseous species, mercury and trace metals monitoring, fence line and fugitive monitoring as well as innovative and new measurement technologies. These themes will be expanded for CEM 2022.


The ENVEA team has the honour to inform you of the acceptance  of 4 of its submited topics by the esteemed scientific committee. We are sure that you will find them of great interest and invite you to register to attend:

Day 1 – Wednesday 2nd of March

Day 3 – Friday 4th of March

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