ENVEA has been awarded by the 2021 International Microsensors Challenge, organized by Airparif and Airlab Solutions, where 35 companies from 13 worldwide countries have participated. The challenge concluded that ENVEA’s Cairnet mini-station, based on NO2 Cairsens micro-sensors, provides the most accurate measurement.

Compact, easily deployable, and autonomous thanks to its solar panels and battery, Cairnet® enables you to cost-effectively track pollution and gives a complete picture of the environmental impact of your operations.

It offers unprecedented flexibility and dynamic measurements of H2S/CH4S, NH3, nmVOC, O3+NO2, NO2, CO, SO2, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, plus environmental parameters: temperature, relative humidity, and pressure.

👉🏾 More on Cairnet: https://www.envea.global/s/ambient-en/gas-monitors-ambient-en/cairnet/